Come check us out!

Special Recruiting Meetings

All of our special recruiting meetings have passed. However, Troop 834 welcomes boys and their parents who are interested in visiting during our regular Tuesday night meetings at the Shack at any point in the year.

Regular Meetings

You are always welcome to check out our regular troop meetings from 7:00-8:30 PM on Tuesdays. Just be sure to email and let us know when you’d like to come! Some meetings/events are not held at the Shack so please do contact us before coming out so that we can let you know if we will be there.

Adult Required

A parent or guardian must stay when you come to check out one of our meetings or recruiting events. Once you are officially a member of the troop, your adult can drop you off and pick you up without staying for the whole event. Until then, they must attend all troop events with you.

Location and Directions

Where we meet: “The Shack,” 28 Holly Court – Far west end of Bollinger Canyon Road in San Ramon. It’s a bit of a drive… but it’s worth it!

Directions: Take Bollinger Canyon Rd. west of Crow Canyon Rd. towards Las Trampas Park & Stables. After the 25 MPH sign, turn right at the “Fire Danger” sign onto Holly Ct (3.3 miles from Crow Canyon). If you’ve gone past the “Fire Danger” sign, you’ve gone too far!


Please contact Alec Hurd by emailing